Is your Apple computer giving you trouble? Not starting up? Acting a little slow? Strange behavior?
Fear Not!
We are an Apple Authorized Warranty Repair Center!

Other Services and

• Data Recovery

• Data Transfer Between Computers

• Computer Setup Assistance

• Data Backup Assistance

• Hard drive upgrades

• RAM memory upgrades

For Apple Computers Out of Warranty:

• On-Site or Carry in Available

• Genuine Apple or OEM Parts

• Time and Materials

• Billed in 1/4 Hour Increments

• Certified and Knowledgeable Technicians

For Apple Computers In Warranty:

 Apple Authorized Service Provider
• On-Site (Desktop with AppleCare)
• Genuine Apple Parts
• Certified and Knowledgeable Technicians
• Quick turn around time
• Care for your data

For additional Warranty and AppleCare info, CLICK HERE


About Our Technicians...
Between our four consultants/technicians, we have over 75 years of experience with Apple.
Our consultants/technicians are all Apple Certified, which means that Apple trusts them to diagnose and repair to their high standards.