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History of Century 23

"A computer store? What is the world is that?"
- Valley Bank Manager, May 1977

The Beginning

4566 Spring Mountain Road 1977-1980

Century 23 began in May of 1977, the brain child of Nick and Penny Reese.  It was the first computer store in Nevada and one of the first in the world.  Century 23 opened it's doors in August  1977 selling electronic parts and kit computers like Southwest Technical Products and OSI Computers.  In the early days of computing you Century23 Store front in 1977usually had to solder it together yourself as there were not very many preassembled units available.  One of our early displays was a wall full of chips, resistors, capacitors and the like. Penny would man the store from 10:30 am till about 5:00 pm when Nick would arrive from his primary job. Although knowing nothing about electronics at first, she became quite the expert on IC's like the 7400 series and even reading the resistor color code.
In 1978, we added the ready-to-go Apple II's and have been with Apple ever since.  Of course, in 1978, you may have had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for a program to load into your Apple II from cassette tape. Floppy disk's arrived arrived shortly thereafter to save the day as far as time was concerned but not your pocketbook. A single drive cost $595 with the controller board. One of the exciting programs of the day was "Apple TV" which drew a wireframe room with a TV set in it and a little man on it dancing to Turkey In the Straw. Animation with music! Wow!

5000 W. Oakey Blvd. Suite B5, Las Vegas, NV 89146 - (702) 870-1534 - Great Service! There's no App for that! - Copyright 2013

4530 Meadows Lane 1980-1986

Century 23 moved in 1980 to it's first Meadows Lane location.  We were there for six years at the height of the Apple II years.  While there, Apple III arrived.  Soon after Apple's first hard drive, the Profile, a 5 MB unit was added to the Apple IIe, Apple III configuration.  Apple changed the world when it introduced the Lisa, the first graphical user interface (GUI) production computer.  In 1984 Apple changed the world again with the introduction of the Macintosh computer.

4101 Meadows Lane 1986-2008

In 1986, Century 23 began building it's own building just down the street on Meadows Lane, across from the Meadows Mall.  Century 23 remained at this location for well over twenty years.  During those years, we saw the little Macintosh Plus grow into the Macintosh II and beyond.  Mac lines were to come and go like the Performa.  The iMac arrived in 1998 and changed everything again.  Color!  The Bondi Blue color of the first iMac was so compelling, that soon small appliances and many other products were Picture of Meadows Lane building, large white glass fronted with copper soffet roof.being produced in the same Bondi Blue color.  Apple followed by introducing a literal rainbow of iMac colors.  OS X replaced OS 9 with a powerful Unix based operating system.  Gray PowerBooks became black 15" beauties and eventually all metal cased Titanium models.  Apple introduce the iPod and changed the way we listen to music.  The 15" flat panel iMac G4 with it's clever screen on a flexible arm assembly debuted and computers changed again.  The screen sizes increased to 20" and eventually the arm disappeared to be replaced by the computer-inside-the-screen iMac.  PowerPC chips were replaced by Intel processors, the operating system advanced from OS X 10.0 to 10.6.  White plastic iMac's followed the PowerBook's journey to Aluminum cases.  PowerMac tower's with dual processors became MacPro's with dual quad core (8) processors models and are more powerful than the million dollar super computers of just a few years ago.


5000 W. Oakey Blvd 2008-Present

Century 23 moved to it's present location in October of 2008.

Picture of current Century 23 location on West Oakey Blvd.

The locations have changed, some of the people have changed and computers have certainly changed, but Century 23 remains... committed to provide their customers with state-of-the-art Apple Macintosh computers, service, support and consulting.