If your new Macintosh computer is less than 1 year old (after purchase date), it falls under Apple's standard warranty.
If you purchased AppleCare, Apple's 2 year additional extended warranty, your computer is under warranty for a total of three years from your purchase date.
Things to know about Apple's warranty
• Apple will repair Apple computers that fail within the warranty period, both parts and labor. This for hardware problems only.
• Apple will not repair software issues including data loss. It is your responsibility to stay Backed Up.
• Apple will not repair units that Apple deems abused, such as dropping or liquid spills into laptops.
• 90 day free calling privileges for installation and operating system operation questions.

Things to know about AppleCare (in addition to the above)
AppleCare is Apple's name for their extended (3 years total) warranty.
AppleCare affords you some extra benefits besides the additional 2 years warranty:
• Free 800 calling privileges for installation and operating system operation questions for the full three years.
• Most important, desktop units (iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini), qualify for on-site repair. When dispatched, Century 23 technicians will schedule and arrive at your home or business and repair your unit on-site. On-site repairs is a feature that you will have to request from a Senior or Dispatch Apple technician via the 800 number.
Laptops and portable units do not qualify for on-site and are carry-in only.

How do I go about getting things fixed under warranty?
1. Always, you can bring your unit in to Century 23 anytime during regular business hours. Appointments are not necessary. Century 23 is an Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP).
2. You can take your unit into an Apple Store. Remember, to call and make an appointment first (their rules).
3. You can take your unit in to any authorized Apple service provider. Make sure they are authorized by Apple.

Can I call Apple directly?
You may certainly call Apple on their 800-767-2775 number. Have your serial number handy. Apple phone technicians will attempt to help you as much as can be solved over the phone.
If your problem is beyond phone help, the Apple phone technician will always ask you to bring your unit in to an Apple Store. You can if you want or you can bring it to Century 23 (easier access than lugging it through the mall). If you have AppleCare and a qualified desktop unit you can request On-Site repair. You will have to request on-site. Occasionally, Apple technicians are unaware of the on-site option. Be insistent and request a "dispatch". Ask for a "Senior" or "dispatch" technician to assist you if they hesitate.


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